James Brown’s blogs

James Brown, President of Gamlingay History Society has spent the last 40 years researching the history of Gamlingay. During that time he has produced two books: ‘Gamlingay‘ & ‘Villagers: 750 Years Of Life In An English Village’ and compiled a huge archive of Gamlingay history going back some 1000 years.

On his website: Gamlingay Villagers he also publishes an occasional blog covering a wide variety of interesting and amusing topics and now Gamlingay History Society has the pleasure and privilege of publishing some of them here.

Armed robbery at The Wheatsheaf: Holdup at village pub

Soup kitchens: A reflection on the grinding poverty of villagers in the 19th century

Simples: The confusion of dates in past times

Romans go homeNo Romans in Gamlingay

Noyfull Fowles and Vermin: Hedgehogs, Polecats & Badgers

Tunnels, five roads and The Moon: Myths, legends and tall tales

Merton’s medieval barn: 15,000 nails?

Hot Cross BunOnce there was a windmill

He’s a sir, not a saintHatley Sir George?

A poignant death: Tragic plane crash in Gamlingay

Margaret, Walter and a knitted waistcoat15th century graffiti